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PROOF- Alcohol Tracking Wearable

Do you remember that scene in Iron Man 2 when Tony pricks his finger and this device tells him what his blood alcohol is? This is the real-life version of that and it’s called PROOF.

This discrete device allows the user to see what their blood alcohol level is. They do this using their specially made biosensors called Milo Sensors. In simpler terms, PROOF can detect the amount of alcohol in your blood without needles which has major crowd appeal in my opinion. Not only is this technology fascinating to read about(which I highly recommend you doing), but it started on Indiegogo. Plus its surpassed its goal by 215% so gold stars to them. I’m not kidding. If that’s not enough the company just being awarded a 223,000 dollar grant. PROOF is definitely something to keep your eye on.

Hey, I'm Mel. I'm in a junior in college who is looking to leave her footprint on the tech industry. When I'm not studying, I'm creating pure css images, watching youtube videos, and being a total geek.



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